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RJ laser acupuncture - the perfect match of tradition and modernity

Laser acupuncture / laserpuncture therapy and especially controlled acupuncture is the accepted name employed by those who practice the principle of acupuncture by using the stimulation of a laser beam instead of a penetrating needle (please refer to the LightNeedle as well).

The laser energy seems to be more suitable to the meridian system which is an “oscillating energy field” than the needle. Using the RJ laser devices you will perform a holistic natural therapy, transferring modulated energy to the meridian system.

The purpose of acupuncture is to prevent and treat disease, and to optimize health and well-being through balancing the body's energies. In Western medical terminology, acupuncture can:

  • achieve pain relief

  • improve blood circulation

  • relax muscles

  • reduce inflammation

  • normalize autonomic function

  • promote regeneration of tissue

  • promote healing

  • relieve nausea

  • restore homeostasis

  • alleviate withdrawal symptoms

Read the article from Jose T. Vargas

Jose T. Vargas

RJ-LASER devices offer
meridian frequencies for
specific energy flow and strong point stimulation
  Acne Treatment

RJ-LASER devices offer 
organ frequencies according to NOGIER (bio-frequencies).



The following RJ laser devices are perfect for laser acupuncture:

1. Handylaser sprint (classical acupuncture)
2. Handylaser trion (auricular medicine and body acupuncture)
3. LaserPen (advanced auricular medicine and body acupuncture)
4. Physiolaser olympic (universal, advanced controlled auricular medicine and body acupuncture)

5.  LightNeedle system More information, multi-fiber laser stimulation

 LightNeedle therapy of LI 4, the fiber optic is placed on the skin with tape. Diagram of the metal needle stimulation versus laser stimulation

LightNeedle stimulation of Li4

Diagram of the stimulus metal needle versus laser stimulation: Needle stimulation is high in the beginning and steadily goes down, laser stimulation remains high.

Reference: Spectroscopy 16 (2002) 335-342, page 6,    Near-infrared spectroscopy for objectifying cerebral effects of needle and laser needle acupuncture

Gerhard Litscher, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Research in Anesthesia and Critical Care, University of Graz, Auenbruggerplatz 29, A-8036 Graz, AustriaDetIef Schikora, Department of Physics and Optoelectronics, University of Paderborn, D-33095 Paderborn, Germany

For acupuncture and ear acupuncture the use of the meridian frequencies and Nogier/Bahr frequencies is recommended.

Special diagnostic features are included: Diagnosis according to VOLL and diagnosis according to NOGIER (RAC pulse test).

Ear acupuncture and Pulse Controlled Acupuncture
Use the frequencies according to the zones and specific acupuncture points.

Laser for Physiotherapy

  Low Level Laser Therapy    

   RJ-laser devices are especially
   designed for modern ear


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Electronic measurement/Diagnosis (VOLL) of acupuncture points and meridians

The Physiolaser offers a comprehensive diagnostic module for auricular medicine and body acupuncture. The conductivity of the skin can be measured and analyzed in order to find pathologic points in the ear and determine the energy level of the meridians. 

Ear diagnosis, head/spine Ear diagnosis, intestine Terminal point, meridian diagnosis
Ear diagnosis, spine/neck Ear diagnosis, intestine Meridian diagnosis, terminal point

Physiolaser with diagnostic screen

The display of the Physiolaser will show the energetic values of the point or meridian and thereafter they can be stored for each point or meridian for further investigation.


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