RJ laser devices for NPSO - New Pain and Organ Therapy

NPSO/NPOT (New Pain and Organ Therapy) was developed by the German naturopath Rudolf Siener (died 1993), it is based on Huneke's nerve blocking therapy and electro acupuncture (EAV) diagnostic.

NPSO is a microsystem and considered to be working on the level of energy and its effects are of an organotropic as well as psychotropic nature. It is making use of a new system of reflex areas. The exact points of treatment are found through measurements of the electrical resistance of the skin within these areas. The points of treatment show increased electrical resistance. They are situated on the extremities, distally from the centre of pain (connected with it through a hypothetical energy line). Pain is treated at a distance, not local at the actual pain spot.

Through manipulation of the relevant points pain can be relieved immediately and, under certain circumstances, permanently. Treatment with a variety of techniques: injections of procaine or similar substances, irradiation with monochromatic red light, irradiation with soft laser, puncture with acupuncture needle, electro stimulation, acupressure.

Projection of the abdomen to the lower leg
Head= knee, inner organs= calves, hip=ankle

NPO point measurement and storage

NPSO has proved to be effective with pain of the locomotor system, for example lumbago, protrusions and slippages of intervertebral disks, some types of headache, epicondylitis. It is also helpful with arthritis or arthrosis, rheumatic pains, neuralgias, toothache, otitis and others.

NPSO has a beneficial effect on dysfunctions of organs. The organs of the head can be treated with NPSO, the respiratory tract, the digestive tract and the uro-genital tract.

A special area is the so-called trigonum, which is an equilateral triangle found at the medial side of the knees and corresponds to the control centers of the endocrine and vegetative systems, is an effective therapeutic tool. It has a beneficial influence for example on spastic cramps, dysfunctions of the hormonal system, sleep disorders, some types of depression and phobia.

NPSO organ proyections

Physiolaser for controlled acupuncture and laser resonance therapy y acupuntura controlada con el Physioalser

The modular Physiolaser for advanced NPSO.

Lasertherapy_singel laser probe_RAC_laser resonance

RJ laser single probe for on-hand operation.

Beside the single probes we highly recommend the LightNeedle. The fiber tips are placed on the relevant organ zone for intense therapy.