RJ laser devices for photobiomodulation and laser therapy

RJ-LASER - Pioneer in LLLT / HLLT / Photobiomodulation since 1982 - Benefit from our experience

The RJ therapy lasers are "Made in Germany" and more than 10000 therapists / physicians worldwide work with RJ laser devices every day. Designed for optimal application, they are programmable to configure application parameters and individual protocols. Via frequency memory, you can immediately take over research and put it into practice.

The worldwide proven RJ laser devices at a glance

LightStream I wave
- mobile and stationary - cl. 4 and cl. 3B

Modular high-end therapy laser gentle and powerful, easy to operate, fully programmable and with optimized application programs.

Medium and large areas, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, sports medicine, general medicine, veterinary medicine


Physiolaser olympic with LightNeedle laser therapy and Satellite

Points, small/medium and large areas, universal therapy system, ear and body acupuncture, physical therapy, orthopedics, pain

Fully programmable universal top laser with optimized therapy programs, advanced diagnostic module (point, meridian, organ diagnostics), two laser channels, special interchangeable probes, Plug & Play


- The original since 30 years

Point/small area, ear and body acupuncture, physiotherapy

High-end pen laser device, fully programmable, 28 bio-frequencies (RAC diagnosis). Available in different versions.
The LaserPen quickly becomes your constant companion, in the practice and on the road. You will not want to miss it anymore.


Improvement of blood circulation, reduction of pain and improvement of mobility thanks to laser therapy

RJ lasers provide the right wavelengths for optimum penetration depth
Therapeutic lasers are able to penetrate non-invasively under the skin within an optical window and generate heat there. This targeted heat therapy promotes local blood circulation and temporarily stimulates the metabolism, thus improving disturbed muscle and joint functions, relieving pain and improving mobility.

Laser therapy can be used as a complementary measure within the framework of physical therapy, e.g. for arthrosis, muscle spasms, myofascial and lumbosacral pain.

How do you find your perfect therapy laser? 

  • Probes for: Low Level Laser Therapy or Mid/High Level Laser Therapy?
  • Application: For small areas or large areas?
  • Indication: Mainly for acupuncture, mainly local therapy or both?
  • Diagnosis: With or without diagnostic module?
  • Features: Basic features or multi-functional?
  • Power: Low, middle or high, cl. 3B or cl. IV?
  • Size: Small and portable or larger size?
  • Budget: Low or average investment?

RJ laser devices - Cutting edge laser therapy

Implementation of the latest technology enabled the realization of compact, mobile devices with large range of functions as well as maximum power and frequency precision. Cutting edge laser therapy and photobiomodulation.

Depending on the model, the RJ laser devices are pre-programmed or free programmable - you can configure your individual therapy programs depending on pathology or may use our comprehensive therapy programs. An extensive frequency memory lets you apply the latest research to your course of laser therapy.

    • 1-99999 Hz (freely selectable)
    • Power up to 500 mW (LLLT), 15 W (HLLT), and 90W pulsed (MLLT)
    • Continuous beam
    • Universal frequency range
    • BAHR frequencies
    • Meridian frequencies according to REININGER
    • REININGER system complete
    • SCHOLTES frequencies
    • Therapy programs
    • Individual protocols with over 110 available saving locations

Your laser 

Relax during laser therapy, because the design of the handpieces allows for comfortable working. Precision and laser therapy in its most beautiful form. All RJ laser devices are mobile, transportable and easy to install anywhere. You can also obtain a wide range of accessories for your laser from RJ.

The wavelengths and power of RJ lasers lie within the "optical window" and therefore have an optimal penetration depth. You have the choice and can obtain all wavelengths from visible violet 405 to infrared 915 nm (cl. 3B single probes up to 500 mW or 90 W, area probes up to 5x60W pulsed, cl. 4 up to 15 W).

Where can I buy the laser and get training?

The laser devices can be purchased directly from REIMERS & JANSSEN GmbH (export@rj-laser.com), laser training and instruction of the staff will take place in your practice. You can also obtain the RJ laser devices from specialist dealers (RJ Distributors). RJ arranges seminars on laser therapy which take place several times a year. Look to our seminar page you will find many offers.
RJ-LASER recommendations for health
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