Burns caused by explosion (fire works)

Successful therapy with RJ-LASER devices

The male patient (age 20 years) suffered under acute burns (1st and 2nd degree) caused by explosion (fire works). Beside the burns the detonation destroyed the right thumb (it had to be amputated). The patient had six days (IUC) intensive unit care in the Hazra-e-Rosool Hospital (Theran) and laser treatment by Dr. Masoud Tajziehchi.

The skin regeneration was fast and as well the amputation wound healed rapidly without side effects.

Time 6-10 Joule/cm2, 1-2x daily
Frequency Programme: wound acute, pain and universal
Power 4x55 mW/785 nm+4x50 mW/650 nm+4x5 mW/650 nm
Device Physiolaser olympic + MC probe
Clinic Hazra-e-Rosool Hospital
Dr. Masoud Tajziehchi
Tehran, Iran
March/April 2007