RJ-LASER Therapy - Burns caused by gas explosion

Competence in laser therapy

The female patient (age 25 years) suffered under acute burns (2nd and 3rd degree) caused by gas explosion at home. The patient lives in Dubai and decided to get the treatment in the Ben Hayan Medical Centre after consulting Dr. Abdel Tawil. She was admitted to the hospital for first aid three days after the accident.

Already after the first day the patient was almost pain free and regeneration of the skin started (the patient felt soft healing sensations in the skin) and she was able to start to move her arm freely.

The therapy was gentle and fast and led to complete healing.

Time 10 minutes per area, 3x daily for the first 3 days, thereafter 2x daily for the next 3 days, thereafter 1x daily
Frequency A, continuous beam
Power 4x55 mW/785 nm+4x50 mW/650 nm+4x5 mW/650 nm, 400 mW/810 nm
Device Polylaser trion, Physiolaser olympic
Additional Contratubex gel
Clinic Ben Hayan Medical Center
Dr. Abdel Tawil
Amman 11194, Jordan, Shmaisani
June 2005