Veterinary and equine laser therapy - Vet laser therapy Uwe Petermann is the leading veterinary for non-invasive vet laser therapy and laser frequency research. He published several books about veterinary laser therapy, veterinary laser acupuncture, equine laser therapy, especially pulse controlled laser acupuncture (PCLAC, Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture). More information about his very promising vet laser therapy concept is available on his home page.

Dr. Uwe Petermann during the vet laser seminars (IVAS 2007, USA.)

Lecture about the laser pulse diagnosis, RAC.

Vet laser pulse diagnosis, focal test.

Focal treatment with the laser cluster probe 5x60 W/ 904 nm.

Treatment with the LaserPen 90W/ 904 nm, Physiolaser olympic 90W/ 904 nm.

Pulse controlled vet laser therapy, Physiolaser olympic

Pulse controlled vet laser acupuncture on the bladder meridian, Physiolaser olympic 90W/ 904 nm.

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