Facial paresis - "A smile is worth a thousand words"

Competence in laser therapy

The male patient (age 7 years) suffered under facial nerve paresis since several years. After consulting Dr. Pablo Alvaro Lopez who performed laser therapy and laser acupuncture, the nerve function began to improve rapidly.

After four treatments the patient recovered and had balanced facial expression again. He could smile again as a child should do.

The therapy with the Physiolaser was gentle, fast and led to complete healing.

Time 15 minutes per area, 2x/week
Frequency Therapy program nerve and universal
Power 500 mW/810 nm single and multi-cluster cw
Device Physiolaser olympic
Clinic Shen Clinica
Dr. Pablo Alvear Lopez
General Medicine, Sports Medicine, Acupuncture
Av. Benito Juarez 913 Nte, Colonia La Purisima
Metepec 52140. Toluca, Mexico
June/July 2011

Facial nerve paresis (weakness) or paralysis (total dysfunction) is an abnormality of the facial nerve (7th cranial nerve), resulting in improper function or paralysis of the muscles associated with facial expression. These include the muscles of the ears, lips, eyelids and nose.

In many cases the cause of facial nerve paralysis is idiopathic (unknown). The most commonly identified disease process causing facial nerve paralysis is otitis media-interna (inflammation of the inner and middle ear). Less common, but possible, causes of facial nerve paralysis include:

  • Trauma
  • Surgery of the ear (side effect)
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Inflammatory disease of the central nervous system
  • Boreliosis