How to apply the laser - The holistic, natural approach with RJ laser devices

RJ laser therapy will support the holistic, natural approach. the complete range of low level laser therapy or cold laser as called in the US. Generally the laser can be applied in two ways:

  1. Reflective laser therapy
  2. Laser resonance therapy
  3. Local laser therapy

Combining both, reflective and local therapy, will create best therapeutic results, therefore RJ offers a complete laser therapy system.

RJ laser devices provide specific settings and therapy programs for the complementary treatment methods as body and ear acupuncture e.g. meridian frequencies acc. to REININGER, therapy frequencies acc. to NOGIER etc. RJ laser devices enable the therapit to perform Pulse Controlled Acupuncture.

More detailed information about the laser therapy can be obtained by clicking to Laser Research and on demand directly from RJ-LASER and on the RJ seminars (some picture from the Taipei laser seminar).

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 LightNeedle for acupuncture without needles, pain therapy, joints, tendons and much more.

 LightNeedle for non-invasive laser irradiation of blood

 Information about laser research

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RJ-LASER Therapy manual for non-invasive laser therapy

Jose T. Vargas



  • Dermatology
  • Dentistry
  • Orthopedics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pain management
  • Wound management
  • Veterinary medicine

muscle system of the human body, front view

Laser therapy is recognized in the USA for topical heating for the following: Temporary increase of local blood circulation, temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches, pains, and stiffness, temporary relaxation of muscles, temporary relief of muscle spasms, temporary relief of minor pain and stiffness associated with arthritis.

For complementary holistic diagnosis and energetic laser therapy - RJ laser devices offer the largest range of bio-frequencies according to NOGIER, BAHR and REININGER

Dr. Paul Nogier researcher for laser therapy frequencies

The French physician, Dr. Paul Nogier (born 1908, died on the 15th of May 1996), may be considered as the father of modern ear acupuncture (auricular therapy) and frequency therapy.

He detected the 7 main body frequencies.

Dr. Frank Bahr researcher for laser therapy frequencies

Dr. Frank Bahr, Germany, detected many bio-frequencies, organ frequencies and chakra frequencies (energy meridian). He was a student of NOGIER and is today the President of the largest German acupuncture society (DAA).

The BAHR-Frequencies correspond to ear points and body acupuncture, skin tissues layers, they have a relation to the nerve system, are used for focal therapy etc..

Dr. Bahr uses the Physiolaser olympic with cw cluster and single probe 500 mW/810 nm, LightNeedle and Polylaser trion with his pain relieve frequency.

Manfred Reininger performing the RAC with the RJ laser device

Dr. Manfred Reininger, Austria, Vice President of the largest Austrian acupuncture society (OGKA), was the first who detected the frequencies of the acupuncture meridians. In the previous years he found a large number of different frequencies related to the human body, diseases (allergy, tinnitus etc.) and the environment.

  • 10 meridian frequencies
  • 7 Reininger RI, RII, RIII
  • 17 Level frequencies
  • 4 Viral/bacterial
  • 19 Anti-frequencies

Dr. Reininger uses the Physiolaser olympic and the cw cluster and single probe 500 mW/810 nm.

Dr. Beate Strittmatter is one of the leading experts worldwide for modern auricular medicine and teaches laser resonance therapy and auricular medicine since many years (Germany, Canada, USA).

Her books are published in English and German language.

Dr. Beate Strittmatter uses the Physiolaser olympic 90 W/ 904 nm and 500 mW/810 nm, multi-cluster probe, LightNeedle.

Dr. Uwe Petermann during laser therapy with the multi-cluster probe

The German physician, Uwe Petermann, was student of Dr. Bahr and is lecturer since many years at DAA and the international organization IVAS. Read more about controlled acupuncture and join the seminars of Dr. Uwe Petermann. He regularly offers seminars for veterinary laser therapy.

Dr. Uwe Petermann explored the modern vet laser acupuncture and laser in veterinary medicine (PCLAC, Pulse Controlled Laser Acupuncture), a very effective energetic system. He detected special treatment procedures and therapy. Further more the special focal frequencies (focal burst, Nogier A´´).

Dr. Uwe Petermann uses the Physiolaser olympic 90 W/904 nm and the LaserPen, 500 mW/810 nm, multi-cluster probe (5x30W/904 nm).