Wound management (chronic healing disorder) - Veterinary laser therapy

Successful vet laser therapy with RJ-LASER devices

Laser therapy in veterinary medicine is common since many years. The horse suffered under serious wound healing disorder with periostitis after traumatic injury. The process had a chronic approach and the horse was almost unable to move his leg. Dr. Susannne Braun decided to use the vet laser intensively as soon as she received the patient. The vet laser therapy was successful, it provided fast relieve and complete healing.

Time/Joule First month 20 minutes daily, later 3x weekly, 300 Joule
Frequency A, B, C (NOGIER)
Power 500 mW/810 nm
Device Physiolaser olympic
Additional Veterinary laser therapy only
Clinic Dr.med.vet. Susanne Braun
Hladbrekka 19, IS-200 Kopavogur
Iceland, SBraunVET@aol.com
March-June 2005