Wound management (infected chronic wound) - Veterinary laser therapy

Successful vet laser therapy with RJ-LASER devices

American Bulldog, FS, born 1997.

Laser therapy in veterinary medicine is common since many years. Initial start of our vet laser therapy was in November 2007 - treated with a number of antibiotics and steriods, condition worsened. Referred to a dermatologist: 1 1/2 year using various antibiotics, steroids, topical tacrolimis and oral pentoxifylline.

Lesion was a deep, wet oozing ulcer under the tail approx 1 inch diameter. Began the UV vet laser laser treatment first on May 14th. Started at 10mins on tail and 10 mins on perineum. Repeated May 19th - tail and perineum was dry and dog didn't bother at it anymore. All medications stopped as of May 14th. Next vet laser treatments with UV lasers May 20, 25, June 5, 22, and July 21st (last vet laser treatment - HEALED!)

Time/Joule 20 minutes, 300 Joule
Frequency A
Power 500 mW/810 nm
Device Physiolaser olympic, uv/laser-cluster probe
Additional Veterinary laser therapy only
Clinic Cindy Kneebone
East York Animal Clinic
Toronto Canada
Tel. +1-416 757 3569
Email: romanwolek@rogers.com
May-June 2009

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