Wound management (infected chronic wound) - Veterinary laser therapy

Successful vet laser therapy with RJ-LASER devices

11 year old yellow lab.

Came to us from the Emergency clinic, from dermatology. Been through a number of therapies including a number of antibiotics. Diagnosed in May 2010 with methicillin restistant Staphylococcus pseudointermedius. Prognosis was poor for this patient. She came to us in fear of losing her dog and the fear of this pet being contagious to the population in general. Two weeks with the use of the ultraviolet vet laser twice a week for 10 minutes. See the healing we achieved within two weeks. The skin was also thickened and has become nearly normal thickness as our vet laser treatments continue.

Time/Joule 20 minutes, 300 Joule
Frequency cw
Power 500 mW
Device Polylaser UV/red
Additional Veterinary laser therapy only
Clinic Cindy Kneebone
East York Animal Clinic
Toronto Canada
Tel. +1-416 757 3569
Email: romanwolek@rogers.com
May-June 2010

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