LaserPen youtube video

Quickstart guide to operate the LaserPen

LaserPen: strong and multi-functional


The compact laser with comprehensive functions for widest range of indications. Two models are avaiable, ther LaserPen Expert and the LaserPen Practice.

Frequency programs (pre-programmed):

  • Continuous beam
  • 7 NOGIER frequencies
  • 7 BAHR frequencies
  • 8 Chakra frequencies (BAHR)
  • Meridian frequencies (REININGER)
  • Allergy, tinnitus, viral, bacterial (REININGER)


  • The laser output with precision optics for high illumination enables exact, pointed irradiation (auricular medicine, joints).

  • The LaserPen is distinguished by its mobility and very comprehensive functions. It is the ideal laser for use outside the practice such as in sports medicine, physical therapy and home visits.

  • The LaserPen is delivered with high-quality NiMHd rechargeable batteries.

  • Standard configuration: 70 mW/785 nm . Many other wavelengths and power ranges are available e.g. 500 mW/810 nm (infrared), 150 mW/638 nm (red) or superpulsed 90 W/904 nm (pulse width 200 nsec.)

Contact us for detailed information in order to find the suitable LaserPen for your therapeuti needs.

LaserPen in the power port for charging

LaserPen with dental applicator


LaserPen in the carry case