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During the MEDICA we will introduce the LightStream | High Power is an innovative class 4 therapy laser and offers up to 15 W laser power, so-called HLLT (High Level Laser Therapy).
The therapy with the LightStream works tremendously fast and penetrates deeply. It can be used for any indication in the field of biomodulation/biostimulation. The LightStream is outstanding, combining therapeutic qualities and cost effectiveness. The modular design and therapeutic functions offer a complete clinical concept

The LaserPen is now available with superpulsed 90 W/904 nm (pulse width 200 nsec.) and it offers additionally a fast and easy Joule setting. The superpulsed multi-cluster probe of the Physiolaser now provides 5x60W/904 nm (pulse width 200 nsec). Despite the strong peak power the LaserPen and MC probe still belong to class 3B for gentle therapy in the range of the biological optimum.

Upgrade: RJ customers who own a LaserPen or a Physiolaser cluster-probe can take advantage of a special upgrade! Please contact us for details.

 The Australian Ultra-Marathon with phantastic 522 km will start soon and only the best are able to manage it. RJ is the official sponsor of Roberto Zanda from Italy. He is using the Physiolaser to improve his condition and speed up muscle recovery.

 New versions of the LaserPen (150 mW/638 nm) and with 10 W/904 nm (GaAl) are available.

The probes are concerns the non-invasive blood irradiation, special probes for the tongue, knee. For the knee we have designed a superpulsed probe with directed/focused beam, it has as well 5x30 W/904 nm. Special adapter for points on the head (e.g. Du 20).

The RJ Dubai Laser Therapy Seminar will be held on the 27th of April.

"The compact and intense Dubai Laser Seminar (one day seminar) will cover a range of important therapy concepts for severe conditions. The proven protocols for successful laser therapy will lead the highest standard of modern laser therapy (LLLT). After the seminar the participants will be able to perform laser therapy successfully directly in their daily practise."

The non-invasive laser blood irradiation was clinically tested successfully and can be used instead of the invasive blood irradiation. The invasive blood irradiation was invented in Russia approx. 30 years ago and was introduced again by Dr. Michael Weber (Weber Needle).

LightNeedle 300 (laser blood irradiation) offers 6 outlets, red + blue, especially designed for non-invasive laser blood irradiation. Special applicators for sublingual laser blood irradiation and for the popliteal laser blood irradiation are available.

The non-invasive method offers many advantages compared to the invasive blood irradiation. It is easy to apply, painless, no risk of infections and extremely comfortable for the patient.

Join the Online Seminars for auricular medicine, more information on our seminar site.

Special cluster probe for stroke therapy is now available. Further treatment areas: Tinnitus, joints.

Special price for the LightNeedle during October (incl. Qpuncture TCM software). Now you can get the video on the use of the LightNeedle.

The online seminar on modern auricular medicine will start on the 1. of September 2012. The seminar is based on a cooperation with the "Vital Principle Institute", Canada.

The first LLLT clinic was opened in Toluca, México. Please have a look to
 Laser clinic with RJ Laser devices

RJ-LASER will exhibit on the next NAALT congress! Do not miss the event in San Diego. More information on our seminar site.

The LightNeedle-System (laser needle, laser needle therapy) is now available with new applicator heads.

 Learn more about the use of RJ laser devices (Clinical Observation Program USA)