Lipo sculpting / Body shaping or body contouring with LLLT : A new way of non-invasive lip suction

Their Goal

A nation wide network of weight-loss clinics and offering successful non-invasive laser therapy with excellence to lose fat and pounds - body shaping by fat reduction and weight loss

Their Studies & Conclusion

They studied all methods, but finally found out, there is only one brand worldwide to deal with: RJ-LASER Germany

Their Decision

They decided to use the Photonic 500 focus "scanner laser" - Physiolaser olympic customers are privileged to use the �NEW� miniaturised Photonic "satellite" scanner laser.

Their Experience

They treat now more than ten (10) years their fat reduction & weight loss program in nine (9x) own clinics with great success

Their Success Story - the champions in "fat away with laser!"

They have done more than 500.000 treatments with very good results using LLLT special laser device and electrotherapy

Their Training Program

They offer an intensive training course and hands-on during one (1x) week in one of their clinics in Edinburgh

Who are they?

The INCH LOSS CLINIC owners and Photonic 500 (LaserLite 500) users Tina & William from Scotland

The Photonic 500 can produce a nearly unlimited variety of pulsating areas, all of which can be specified quickly and simply. Select based on body part/shape, meridian progression or wound size. Especially important is the stimulating clockwise spin of the beam (see tonification in acupuncture, clockwise-rotating lactic acids etc.), which effects extra energetic healing information.