Photonic 500 - Plug & Play: High performance and large area therapy

The Photonic 500 is a program-controlled scan laser combining maximum power of 500 mW/810 nm plus 150 mW/638 nm with a compact design-dimensions are just 50 cm (L) x 17 cm (W) x 17 cm (H). It sets new standards in form/size performance and function.

The Photonic 500 was designed for area therapy. It easily irradiates a larger surface within short time, transmitting the concentrated energy quickly and effectively. Point therapy is also possible, such as for joints, trigger points, and pain points.

The compact design means nearly effortless work- comprehensive, fast and precise. Because, in spite of its high power and extensive functions, the extremely flexible Photonic 500 fits almost anywhere. It is portable and can be installed quickly in even the smallest cabins.

The Photonic 500 contains a largen variety of therapy programs and free programming (please refer to the Physiolaser). With the touch panel it is easy to use and to select

The Photonic 500 can be adjusted to any position on its innovative multi-jointed (one or two joints) stand.

This swiveling stand enables the laser to be positioned at various angles for an individual fit. Every body part can be reached without effort.

The versatile multi stand is available with 2 or 3 joints. The Photonic 500 can easily be attached or removed from the stand.

Photonic 500

Some features:

  • Individual protocols (110)
  • Continuous beam, universal frequency
  • 7 NOGIER frequencies (high potency)
  • Bahr frequencies
  • Chakra frequencies
  • REININGER frequency system, complete
  • 10 Meridian freq. acc. to REININGER
  • Power/time/energy calculation (autom.)
  • Comprehensive diagnostic module
  • Therapy programs as
    • Derma-program
    • Dental-program
    • Acupuncture-program and many more

The Photonic 500 can produce a nearly unlimited variety of pulsating areas, all of which can be specified quickly and simply. Select based on body part/shape, meridian progression or wound size. Especially important is the stimulating clockwise spin of the beam (see tonification in acupuncture, clockwise-rotating lactic acids etc.), which effects extra energetic healing information.



Optional accessories

 LightNeedle for acupuncture without needles, pain therapy, joints, tendons and much more.

 The innovative multi-cluster (and single) laser probes with Photon Reflection Foil (PRF) for high effective laser therapy and movable tips.