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Physiolaser olympic

Physiolaser olympic for laser therapy and laser diagnosis
Physiolaser olympic for laser therapy and laser diagnosis

The Physiolaser olympic offers comprehensive functions and is easy to operate, even for the beginner (special price for the "Starter kit"). It was designed for high duty laser therapy and "Laser Resonance Therapy". It is used successfully in all fields of LLLT (human and veterinary medicine), for modern body and ear acupuncture and with laser needle (LightNeedle).

The Physiolaser is easy to upgrade (SD card) according to the latest scientific developments, you are always up-to-date. The Physiolaser is an "open system" and distinguished by its mobility and universal modular concept (plug & play).

The Physiolaser offers more than any other laser device

The Physiolaser is a modular three channel system: It offers two channels for a single laser probe or a multi-cluster probe cw 350 W superpulse (MLLT) and one channel for diagnostic probes. It covers wavelenghts from 405 nmto 904 nm.

  • Individual protocols
  • Continuous beam, universal frequency
  • Scholtes frequencies
  • Nogier frequencies (high potency)
  • Bahr frequencies
  • Chakra frequencies
  • REININGER frequency system, complete
  • Meridian frequencies acc. to REININGER
  • Power/time/energy calculation (automatic)
  • RAC test
  • Therapy programs

Watch the youtube video to know more about Physiolaser


The Satellite - mobile laser scanner

The compact scanner "Satellite" for the laser therapy of large areas, power 500 mW/810 nnm + 150 mW/638 nm, handheld, with swivel arm and table clamp or connected w/ tripod (ground).



Other Information

 LightNeedle for acupuncture without needles, pain therapy, joints, tendons and much more.

 The innovative multi-cluster laser probes with Photon Reflection Foil (PRF) for high effective laser therapy and movable tips.

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Youtube video of the laser therapy with the Photonic Satellite