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Polylaser trion

Polylaser trion, Polylaser derma (anti-aging), Polylaser brush The multi-cluster probe for large area therapy

The Polylaser is available in three different versions: trion - derma - brush. It is a stand-alone multi cluster probe and primarily suited to large area therapy. Powerful, easy to use and very efficient.

The area of the laser diodes is covered with a special high reflection foil to optimize the laser effect. This will lead to an improved therapy result because of minimal loss of photon energy. The photons will be reflected and multiplied therefore finally more photons will penetrate through the skin.

You�ll be surprised at how easy everything is, because the ergonomic design and light weight enable you to work nearly effortlessly.

The 12 laser diodes irradiate an area of about 25 cm2 quickly and efficient. Ideal for treating wounds, joints, reflex zones and much more. The special diode arrangement transmits the concentrated energy with maximum effectiveness in the shortest amount of time. The Polylaser trion is equipped with two wavelengths (red + infrared) for optimized therapy.

The Polylaser derma uses a special lens in order to harmonize the photon supply and to perform a massage to improve the absorption of lotions for skin improvement e.g. to reduce wrinkles.

 Anti-Aging Therapy with Polylaser derma

Photon Reflection Foil (PRF) for improved healing effect

Polylaser brush for therapy of hairy body parts

The Polylaser brush has the same functions and power as the Polylaser trion but different beam transmission.

Because of the special arrangement of the laser diodes (photon transmission via optical fiber) the Polylaser brush is the ideal device for the treatment of hairy body parts, e.g. cosmetic therapy of the hair therapy (alopecia), irradiation of the scalp and hair bulbs.