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Below you will find various links leading to summaries of international researches, abstract and studies about laser therapy. The collection is just a short overview of the large range of available research and statements. For more information contact the scientists directly or RJ-LASER. RJ is not responsible for the content. A very comprehensive research list can be found at: www.laser.nu.

For basic understanding please refer to the article from Tina Karu (Cellular mechanism of Low power laser therapy) and the article from Herbert Klima (click to ATP).

Please refer as well to the literature (see booklist) and join the RJ-Training Seminars. Do not miss the congresses of the international Laser Association WALT.

 Photobiology on-line, American Society for Photobiology

 Photomedicine, scientific overview

 Internet Scientific Publications

 WALT 2012 (abstracts)


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